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1. Who uses The Digital Center and how do I sign up?

Journalists, bloggers and independent producers creating content for news and media organizations. Apply for a free account and our registrations team will qualify your application.

2. What kind of equipment and software do I need to use The Digital Center?

To use all of The Digital features you need - a workstation running Windows XP, 2000 or 2003 or Mac OS X, with Internet Explorer 6.x or above, Firefox 1.x or above, Netscape 7.2 or above, or Safari 1.2.4 or above - a broadband internet connection - software or plug-ins to convert The Digital Center’s multiplex MPEG-2 files into an editable format. To utilize The Digital Center’s push delivery method you’ll need to set up an FTP folder on your server to which we can download the files that you order.

3. What kind of content will I be able to access from The Digital Center?

The Digital Center provides a substantial library of multimedia content including produced video, b-roll, audio clips and photos – and it’s all free to our registered users.

4. Who submits content to The Digital Center?

Global organizations in almost every field including consumer goods, entertainment, pharmaceutical, automotive, technology, telecommunications, financial, sporting, and government/NGO/non-profit sectors.

5. How will I know the source?

The Digital Center identifies content by the company that’s provided in the story and asset information fields, as well as when and where the video was shot.

Some of our content providers include Audi, Goodyear, Volvo, General Motors, Avon, Georgia-Pacific, Phillips, Tyson, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, The Walt Disney Company, Schering-Plough, USAA, American Airlines, T-Mobile, Purina, The American Heart Association, OfficeMax, and The Ad Council

6. What usage rights apply to content on The Digital Center?

The content on the Digital Center is free for use by registered members. If for some reason restricted or fee content is posted it will be clearly marked and a notification will be distributed.

7. How is the content free?

The content providers pay a fee to have their materials made available to the members of The Digital Center - the use of their content assists in furthering their communications objective. The Digital Center members are free to use this content in any manner they choose.


8. What video delivery methods are available?

The Digital Center offers several delivery options – digital pull download, digital push download, satellite feeds, fiber cable feeds, or beta sp tape. Additionally, various digital file formats are available, as well: Flash, MPEG2, MPEG4, lo and hi bandwidth WMV files.

9. How do I update my FTP details?

Go to My Profile and scroll down to the FTP information fields – all details can be edited there.

10. How do I know if The Digital Center has something new?

Beat-specific alerts are provided by email (and by RSS feed very soon). We encourage you to manage your profile by selecting the particular industries and stories you are most interested in. Once you are registered you will receive only those alerts pertaining to your profile selections whenever we add relevant stories and content. You can edit your profile at any time.

11. Is the streaming preview clip broadcast quality? Is the downloaded video broadcast quality?
The preview video on The Digital Center is low resolution streaming video provided for quick initial viewing of a clip or story. The downloadable versions of these videos can be imported and edited for use in broadcast and internet segments.

12. How does The Digital Center save time and money?

By making content available at the click of a mouse, around the clock, we provide the tools needed to find and get content in the fastest and easiest way possible. Specific beat alerts streamline the information you receive about latest content. The ability to search and browse a large archive of video and other materials aids in fast-paced assignment completion and the content is available for free.

13. Can The Digital Center be a resource for a video library?

Yes. Members are allowed to order video to add to their library for immediate use AND future use.

14. Do I need to enable cookies and javascript to use The Digital Center?


15. More questions?

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or suggestions you may have. Email us:
Or call: 800-653-5313 or 201-360-6271





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