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WASHINGTON, July 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- New research from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) reveals that 98 percent of homeowners believe it is important that their home be as energy efficient as possible, yet only 41 percent believe it is easy to make these types of home improvements.

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"Americans have heard the green message and want to do their part to help the environment," said Scott Morgan, HGTV host and home building expert. "Yet taking steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home can remain overwhelming for many -- especially when it comes to choices around energy sources."

Accordingly, 57 percent of survey respondents say it is easier to make several small changes to add efficiencies to the home, rather than take on a major home overhaul.

For those looking to incrementally improve their home's energy efficiency with a proven energy source that's available today, propane appliances provide practical, cost-effective solutions:

-- Propane offers consumers more efficient energy with fewer emissions than other energy sources. Propane furnaces reach a peak efficiency of more than 95 percent, compared with 85 percent for home fuel oil.

-- Technological innovations are advancing the performance of this already efficient fuel. Tankless water heaters can reduce wasted stand-by energy by up to 20 percent.

-- Propane-fueled appliances leave a smaller carbon footprint than electric counterparts. Electric water heaters emit 2.5 times more greenhouse gases than propane water heaters.

-- Propane-fueled products can help improve indoor air quality. Propane-fueled radiant heat can cut down on dust and allergens.

Above all, homeowners seek reliability in their energy sources for major home appliances, the survey found.

"The migration to greener energy is a positive trend with undeniable long-term benefits," continued Morgan. "But if your cooktop doesn't come on when you need to make dinner, or you pay more to service an exotic fuel system than you save in monthly bills, it's not really practical. The good news is that homeowners have options -- like propane -- that can help them take realistic steps to become green."

About the Survey

A survey was conducted March 20-24, 2008 for the Propane Education & Research Council to gauge interest in green living and energy sources using Opinion Research Corporation's CARAVAN(R) Omnibus Survey. A nationally representative sample of 756 homeowners participated in these telephone interviews.

For additional information about ways you can make your home green, please visit

SOURCE Propane Education & Research Council

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